Revolution Yo-Yo


Single Revolution Yo-Yo by Yoyo Jam



Grant is not only famous for his many national TV appearances but also for his incredibly innovative yo-yo tricks in competition and for his viral YouTube videos seen worldwide. Grant shows that age is no boundary in becoming a yo-yo champion! His new yo-yo the Revolution is built for any player who wants to go from beginner to expert with ease.


The Revolution features YoYoJams all new “Solid Spin”” high grade aluminium axle system. Machined specifically for YoYoJam this axle is completely unique in construction. It brings the metal rimmed yo-yo together as if it was a completely solid metal body resulting in a very stable yo-yo. This new construction also allows for two bearing sizes to be used as you progress from your first throw to the most complex string tricks. 


The Revolution features a tough polycarbonate body with machined aluminium weight rings. It has a comfortable fit in the hand and a smooth, stable spin at all times. Grant Johnson designed this yo-yo with YoYoJam to bring players a yo-yo that moves effortlessly through the air and on the string. His tricks are always “big” and the Revolution is the one yo-yo built to handle them.


From your first throw with Grant Johnson’s signature series you can feel the power and know that you are holding the latest in yo-yo technology. Learn new age yo-yoing tricks faster and perform them with style. Join the Revolution today!


Weight 68g Approx

Width 38.5mm Approx

Diameter 54.8mm Approx


Colours may vary from time to time so best to check with us first if you want a peculiar colour.

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