Manipulator Hat (Special edition)


Single Manipulator Hat.


The same exceptional quality bowler manipulation hat from Anderson and Berner, as designed by the famous Nils Pol, but in a special colour way. Each Brown hat has a bright orange trim and the inside is a similiar, bright hue. A little different in style, but the same luxurious quality and performance. Each hat is hand made from triple layers of felt giving just the right amount of stiffness and durability. These are 'High' Bowlers make them excellent for arm and body rolls.



The Manipiulator hat is the first commercially avilable hat designed and manfactuared specifically for manipulation. It was designed by the hat maestro, Nils Poll ('The fastest juggler in Scandinavia'), and is manufactured in Denmark.




The Poll hat is maserfully made and will not ware out or go limp, even with heavy use. Made of triple-layered, 100% wool felt, the Poll hat is properly weighted for tricks - heavier than single felt, yet flexible. The edge of the brim contains a stiffening plastic bead that aids manipulation. This is the ultimate trick hat.



Please note sizes and colours may very from time to time if we haven't got the size or colour your are wanting we may be able to order it in for you.



Sizes include: 57cm, 58cm, 59cm and 60cm

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